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I’ve taken this as an opportunity to comment on art,humor, politics, origami, world affairs, sex, drugs, rock and roll,  excellent restaurants as well as poor ones and anything else that interests me or my readers.  It is always best to start off on the right foot, and good food is appreciated by all.  Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your visit.


Today I bring to you the perfect dessert candy:  The rum cordial by Russ & Daughters, located on Houston Street in Manhattan, not far from Katz’s Deli or Yonah Schimmel Knish bakery, two other locations that deserve individualized attention. Image

Here, in all its glorious perfection is a one pound bag of rum cordials, with a few next to a standard unit of measure, the fortune cookie, for scale.


Do not confuse these with rum balls, a far inferior dessert.  These have a hard chocolate/candy shell and inside they contain a combination of virtue and loyalty intermixed with honesty, honor and raw brilliance, making them unmatched among their cordial brethren.  Also some rum.  Such a negligible amount of rum that you would die from diabetes long before you acquired a buzz.

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