Went to a few car dealerships today

Prior to my current (inherited) car, i havent owned a car since the 90s.  Back then i drove a used 1987 VW Quantum.  It worked pretty well except for the one time my Dad took it out for a drive in a snowstorm.  He attempted to turn on the interior light, hit the moon roof by accident, and got it stuck in the open position for his entire drive home in the snow.  I was away in college, so I could put down the phone and laugh and laugh.

But, back to car dealerships…  I had heard horror stories, but this was nothing of the sort.  I have never found so many strangers whose only desire is my long term happiness.  They discussed my background, where I’m from originally, my family, my job, they even laughed at my jokes.  So polite, I felt the true glow of southern hospitality and basked in it.  At each one there was instant friendship, friends who wanted nothing more than to make me feel comfortable for life and knew the best way to bring it about.  Apparently the best way, consistent among all my new friends, is to go into debt for a vehicle that is better than true love, kittens and puppies.  Since I’m new to town, I can’t wait to make more friends, and the ones I just made have all promised to call and email me regularly.

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