Buvette – 42 Grove St

This past week I had the pleasure of dining outside at Buvette for the first time. It is a small French bistro, reminiscent of a Parisian outdoor cafe, situated on Grove St in the West Village. I ordered a pastis, and because we have absurd food and drink laws in this pandemic, I was required to order a dish as well. I settled on the French Onion Soup.

To begin with, I never set foot inside. The location on the street, just a few steps from 6th Avenue, with the outdoor dining, was wonderful. I highly recommend this spot when wandering the Village streets. Service was French (the waitstaff was present, but not attentive), the tables were small and clean, but the atmosphere, it was perfect. Some customers actually wore berets (hah!) The people watching was spectacular, with all the many weirdos and bizarre characters who make the village their home out in full force wandering the streets. The tables were filled with locals.

The author enjoys a pastis at Buvette

The pastis (I prefer it with lots of water and a fair bit of ice) was delicious and added to the very European feel of the spot. The food was a mediocre French onion soup with a piece of cheese incrusted bread on top, rather than the usual melted cheese across the top of a pot. I’ve had a ton of french onion soup in my day, and this wasn’t for me. But I wasn’t there for the food or the service. I was there for the leisurely stop on my way through, and the perfect cafe stop to enjoy an afternoon with my brother. For this, it excelled. 10/10. I would go back any number of times for the drinks, and while my soup left me wanting, I’ve heard the rest of the dishes are amazing. Perhaps this pandemic will force me to try another. Drop by for a drink and you won’t be disappointed.

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