A Most Magnificent Day

Today is an incredible, extraordinary day.  Today, God will descend from his throne in heaven and will present you, dear reader, with an award.  The angel’s trumpets will sound, the clouds will part, and with indescribable majesty, the Lord will appear before you.

What brought about this remarkable turn of events, you may ask?  You may ask yourself, “Why am I being honored above all others by the Creator of Absolutely Everything?”

My good friend, all of this is happening because you represent the culmination of mankind’s reason. 

Your beliefs are correct, not just in this moment, but for all time.  There will be no further advancement in the search for truth and justice.  You, my ever present companion, are not just correct, but you ARE CORRECT, and your lack of doubts in what you believe is completely and utterly justified.  When you speak with absolute confidence, how can anyone not agree with the Truth you speak?

I know, we always laughed at the absurd beliefs of the past.  Every age has considered the beliefs that came before them to be brainless and short sighted.  Until today.

That lightening came from an angry diety?  Foolish!

That the smallest particle of matter was an atom? Morons!

That slavery as an acceptable state for some humans? What a load of crap!

That women are property?  Idiotic and brutish, how could anyone have ever believed that!

But now… now we finally have come to the truth, or better stated, YOU have come to the truth.  Whether 100 years, 500 years, nay, even 10,000 years from this day, people will look back on you, dear reader, and remember that this was the day someone finally got it right for all time.  When you speak with certainty of your rightness, when you dismiss the arguments of those around you without considering it may be you who is wrong, for the very first time in, well, EVER, that certainty is 100% warranted.  No need to update your beliefs, for YOU ARE RIGHT.  Hence the heavenly reward, God descending, and all that jazz.


Maybe… just maybe…

You should consider the possibility that your most firmly held beliefs will look exactly as halfwitted by those who come after you.  Perhaps what is so obvious to you as the truth, will be shot full of holes by those who have more knowledge and experience who come along later.

Maaaaaayyyyybe… you should be open to possibility of EVERY SINGLE ONE of your beliefs being proven wrong, and should look to improve and challenge them at every turn, always looking for a more beautiful argument as to what you should believe, ever evolving, ever growing.

At least those who will laugh at you in the future will themselves be laughed at in turn.

But go ahead, accept your reward and put your head back in the sand.  After all, God did say you were right…

Didn’t He?

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